Getting Started

So, as with most things, getting started is the hardest part. You have an idea…it’s a great one…or so you think. You wish you could pursue your idea, but…only if you had more…time/energy/information/[fill in the blank].

So, here goes, getting started with my 1st blog post about getting started.


A little information about me…which will definitely guide my blog.

Though I admire, sometimes, some of the more extensive, elaborate, and verbose blogs and podcasts…I don’t have the attention span for most of it. My interests are varied and I like to learn by reading or listening to little chunks at a time. This pertains to (almost) everything at all times. So, when I’m perusing a new topic, idea, blog, or post, I like when it’s short and sweet like Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty tips, 15-minute recipes, quick meditations, or just about anything that whets my curiosity and suits my attention span. So, I’m committed to making my blog posts short and sweet. (I hope I stick to it 😊)




Be sure to schedule ~1 hour of non-negotiable time for your project. You should schedule it to start within 2 weeks from your planning date so procrastination won’t set in. Identifying a viable location is critical, as well. If you think more clearly when you’re outdoors, plan to go to the park; if you enjoy indoors, schedule a time at home when no one else is there – and if that’s not possible, schedule to be at someone else’s house, or go to a library. Tell someone whom you trust and supports your endeavor about your schedule. Have them ask you about your project the day after your scheduled day. In essence, this will hold you accountable.



This includes cell phones, TV, other work, and most importantly, other PEOPLE. Although you should tell someone about your plan to hold you accountable, don’t plan, at least not at first, to have them join you in person. They will distract you…or you will use them as a distraction…GUARANTEED. If there’s a TV in your space, don’t turn it on – I don’t even like when a TV is in the vicinity. The biggest challenge will be your cell phone. If you can, you should turn it off (gasp!) or put it in airplane mode. If you absolutely have to be accessible in case there is a real emergency, use the Do Not Disturb function on your phone so you can’t get any calls or texts that are not important while you focus. There will ALWAYS be something else you could do, or get accomplished, or must do right this moment that prevents you from getting started on your project but that’s just procrastination seeping in.



Get started on your project regardless of how BAD it might seem! If your project involves writing, just write something…anything…even if it doesn’t make sense. If you’re into painting, begin painting SOMETHING…even if you’re embarrassed to show anyone. The purpose is not to create something good on the 1st day; the purpose is to kick inertia in the face and stomp procrastination into dust. You want to open the faucet…even if the water’s rusty and disgusting…to get the water flowing and to keep it flowing. This day is the 1st day of you purposely forming a habit. So, let’s get STARTED!! 


Disclaimer: My blog/podcast is my project which, admittedly, took longer than I thought to get started. So, if this one represents the metaphorical rusty water, then hey, at least I know the flow has begun!